Guardian Gala Friday

On Friday, 4/19/24, our 2-3 community came together for our 2nd annual Guardian Gala. From glamorous gowns to suave suits, every gala is a night to remember! This event serves

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2nd Grade Field Trip

This year, the 2nd-grade students embarked on an adventure to the Turtleback Zoo. From the majestic lions to the playful groundhogs, there was so much to discover! During the trip, students were

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Thomas Edison Park Trip

The NJIT dual-enrollment class MET 103-Fundamentals of Engineering Design and Graphics visited the Thomas Edison National Historical Park in West Orange, NJ, on April 18. Faculty participating in the field trip included

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Felician College Field Trip

8th graders enjoyed a trip to Felician College to see a production by the Chamber Theatre Group. Students watched performances of famous short stories/poems, a few of which they’ve read

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Spring Book Fair

As our Spring Bookfair draws to the end, we reflect on a 6-day event filled with literary excitement. From April 19th to April 26th, students and teachers visited to explore

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Financial Lit Trip

Students went to JA Finance Park in Edison New Jersey. Students had to be involved in the activity by doing simulation activities on their iPads. Students were divided into groups and had a volunteer to

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