Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Lice Information

Dear Parent/Guardian, 

There has been a case of reported head lice in your child’s classroom. We are in the process of checking all the students in the grade. But we ask you as the parent/guardian to please recheck and monitor your child’s head. 

The following information is provided for you about head lice, even though your child is lice free at this time. Please keep this for reference.

  • Even though they do not jump or fly, they can spread from one student to another by sharing combs, brushes, clothing, hats and in bedding. 
  • Head lice can happen to anyone. It is not a sign of poor health habits or being dirty.
  • There are many lice treatment shampoos on the market as well as other mechanical and manual methods of controlling the lice.
  • Bedding, clothing, and hats should be laundered in very hot water (120 degrees) on the same day or evening your child is treated.
  • Nits (lice eggs) are tiny, white, pearly eggs that attach themselves to the hair shaft close to the scalp. The nit can be removed manually by pinching between two fingernails and pulling it off the hair shaft, or by using a “nit comb”, available in most pharmacies.
  • All members of the household need to be checked when there is one case of head lice in your immediate family.
  • When the child that has been treated for head lice returns to school, his or her head should be checked by the school nurse or health representative to insure that it is free of lice and nits. 

Thank you for your cooperation and please feel free to contact the school nurse for any questions. 

Mrs. Bewighouse, School Nurse

Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology


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