Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Health Office Forms

Dear K-1 PCSST Parents,


At the end of every school year you are given a health packet of mandatory health office forms to complete for the following school year. This web page is designed to assist you in knowing which forms must be returned for each year and the purpose of each of the forms.


You will see an image of each form in the health packet. It also provides access to all the forms. You may now download these forms at your convenience. Look for the PDF download link at the bottom of each page underneath the image of the form. Please make sure to click through all the following pages to find out more information about our health office forms. In particular cases if a health packet/form is not returned to school, a no parent no school may be enforced for your child. 


 All health office forms are due on August 10th, 2021 for this upcoming school year.


Please Note: ALL health office forms, including medication forms, are only valid from school year to school year. Forms that are received from previous school years are not valid for the current school year. This is why it’s essential to complete and return forms at the start of every school year.


Thank you for your attention and anticipated cooperation. Please feel free to reach out to the health office for any questions or concerns!


Mrs. Bewighouse, RN, BSN-CSN

School Nurse

PCSST is an equal opportunity provider.