Student Council Debate

On Wednesday October 19th we had our annual Student Council Debate. Team Velez and Team Ellis took the stage to address their peers on different matters to run for this year’s student council. Jeremy Velez and Davionna Ellis were this year’s candidates. They both answered questions and showcased why they should be this year’s class president.

Middle School Science Fair

This past Saturday, the science department at 4-7 Wabash campus held a Science Fair. The event was a fantastic opportunity for our scholars to showcase their scientific expertise, and there

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4-7 Grade NJSLA Parent Workshop

On April 15th, Wabash Campus hosted a workshop for parents of students in grades 4-7. The workshop, titled “NJSLA Parent Workshop”, provided parents with information on how to help their

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Kean-College Fair

On Tuesday, March, 12th the 10th and 12th graders under the supervision of Mrs. Rivera and Ms. Hernandez went to KEAN University. The students were taken to their annual College

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CCP Urban Air

College Coaching Program had a fantastic time at Urban Air. Thank you to all the students, advisors, and parents who have participated.

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