SEL Week Celebration in the Cafeteria

PCSST at Wabash had an amazing SEL Day Celebration.  We celebrated the importance of Social Emotional learning by emphasizing important and easy strategies to help our students thrive emotionally and academically.  All homerooms received a beautiful plant which they will take care of for the rest of the year to learn responsibility.   The students had fun participating in quick 2minute SEL activities in each class period; breathing, stretching, reading positive quotes, and dances.  We showed our student kindness and love by decorating the cafeteria and playing relaxing music during their lunches.  The students showed their gratitude and enjoyed chatting with their friends while having a relaxing lunch. We are proud of our PCSST family.  March 10th. Happy SEL Day.

                                                                        The Guidance Team

Game Night Was a Success! 

On behalf of the Specials department, we want to give a special shoutout to  Saint-Hilaire, Soto, Cornish, Ramos, and Belfield who supported us on our first Game Night event last

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Egg Drop Project

Students try to build a structure that will prevent a raw egg from breaking when dropped from a significant height. They should think about creating a design that would reduce

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PCSST Multicultural Night!

It is time to celebrate cultural diversity. You are cordially invited to the 2023 PCSST Multicultural Night!  Please invite and encourage your students, parents, and colleagues. There will be a special show

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CCP Bowling Trip

The College Coaching Program brought back their bowling trip at Parkway Lanes. Parents and students were invited to participate in a fun filled night full of bowling and pizza. Everyone

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Trip to Liberty Science Center

PCSST 4th-grade students enjoyed a wonderful day at Liberty Science Center.  There was so much excitement around seeing real-world examples of the lessons they had been learning throughout the year, from

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