PCSST Connect

PCSST Connect is an innovative pen pal program that we believe will complement an instructor’s current practices, and expand the acceptance and success of their students. Mr. Kevonté Bryant and Miss. Zamirah Tisdale, are innovative educators honed by the Paterson Charter School For Science and Technology mentoring program. Mr. Bryant and Miss. Tisdale both serve as chairs for the 2nd and 5th-grade instruction staff and are committed to making post-pandemic instruction fun and effective. In summary, the PCSST Connect pen pal program was created to ignite academic, social, and emotional strength while bringing interconnectedness within the PCSST community. On June 8, 2023, the PCSST Connect pen pal program hosted their very first meet and greet highlighting 1 piloted group of 2nd and 5th grade students who successfully helped launch this program.  The students were not only excited to see one another and connect, but yesterday’s interactions were a direct result of one of the core values of our Pen Pal program. Socially and emotionally students had positive conversations revolving around the activities that we prepared for them and the tools that we provided them as they exchanged words in their notebooks. Mr. Bryant and Miss Zee would like to extend our gratitude to our building level administrators for supporting our initiative of starting the PCSST Connect, Pen Pal Program.  We look forward to the expansion of this program next year.

8th Grade Moving Up

On Thursday, June 13th we celebrated the accomplishments of the Class of 2024. Our senior class this year was the first ever Kindergarten class here at PCSST. This class has

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Spelling Bee

This year PCSSTs 2-3 campus had their 3rd annual Spelling bee. Our top 2 spellers from each of our 2nd and 3rd-grade classes battled it out with their knowledge and

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Annual Carnival Day

This year PCSSTs 2-3 campus had their 3rd annual 2-3 Carnival Day. This event is always a highlight of the school year. It’s a wonderful day of fun, treats, and

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Field Days

On June 11th and 12th, our 4-7 Campus hosted our annual field day competition. We kicked things off with the 4th and 5th graders on Tuesday, followed by the 6th

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Talent Show

The “Surfing with the Stars” talent show at the 4-7 campus was super exciting! Students showed off their amazing talents, and everyone had a blast watching. The big winners were

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