PCSST Blood Drives and Scholarship Milestone

Good morning PCSST Family!

I wanted to share some exciting updates regarding our recent blood drives and our partnership with Vitalant.
During the 2023-2024 School Year, PCSST had the privilege of hosting two successful blood drives. PCSST participation and support have been truly remarkable, demonstrating our collective commitment to making a positive impact on our community.
Many might not know that Vitalant (formerly known as Community Blood Services of New Jersey) has been a cornerstone of blood collection efforts in the New Jersey/New York region since 1953. Their dedication to serving the transfusion medicine needs of our community is commendable.
By sponsoring Vitalant, we are not only supporting a crucial organization but also contributing to the well-being of our local community. Vitalant inspires us all to serve the needs of others and transform lives through the selfless act of donating blood.
I’m thrilled to announce that we are just one pint away from reaching our goal of $500 in scholarships for students who participated in the blood drives. The generosity of students and staff at PCSST has not only saved lives but also paved the way for educational opportunities for deserving scholars.
My goal for this year is for PCCST to reach 60 pints of blood before June 30th, 2024. We are at 59, and I already scheduled my next personal donation for mid-May, so I feel confident that this year’s goal will be achieved!