ESL Parent Workshop

On Thursday, November 3rd, at 5:00 PM, PCSST hosted an informative Workshop for parents.

The workshop’s theme was communication, intended to promote interaction and create an environment of trust between parents and ESL teachers. In addition, the workshop informed and equipped parents with knowledge of how the ESL teacher and mainstream teachers work together to help students. It was also an excellent opportunity to help parents utilize the different resources offered by PCSST.

Thank you!

Saint-Hilaire, ESL 

Haunted Hallway Fundraiser

The annual Senior Haunted Hallway came back to the 8-12 campus. This year we opened it up to the PCSST community and had a sold out event. The seniors decorated

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Fall Sports Pep Rally

On Monday November 14th the Athletic department hosted their Fall Sports Pep Rally. Although the event was held post season we got to celebrate all of the fall sports and their

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Staff Potluck for Thanksgiving

This year we came together as a staff to celebrate the holiday season with our annual potluck. Staff members brought in delicious dishes and desserts for all to enjoy. 

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Spanish Department Field Trip

The Spanish classes went on a field trip to Seton Hall University. The students enjoyed our experience very much, they learned a lot about how to apply for different scholarships and

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