ESL Parent Workshop

On Thursday, November 3rd, at 5:00 PM, PCSST hosted an informative Workshop for parents.

The workshop’s theme was communication, intended to promote interaction and create an environment of trust between parents and ESL teachers. In addition, the workshop informed and equipped parents with knowledge of how the ESL teacher and mainstream teachers work together to help students. It was also an excellent opportunity to help parents utilize the different resources offered by PCSST.

Thank you!

Saint-Hilaire, ESL 

History Fair

On June 1, PCSST’s 4-7 campus hosted our first-ever 4-7 History Fair. Our scholars worked very hard on their research projects, which included Kachina Dolls from fourth grade, Countries of the World

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Career Day

Yesterday’s career day was so successful! The amount of flexibility we showed as a school was admirable! The students were very well-behaved, and each of our 57 guests was so impressed with our

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We are all proud of PCSST Alumna

“I am proudly sharing the news article featuring our alumna Jeidy Reyes (Class of 2019) being honored by the mayor as the first Latina Patersonian to successfully graduate from  West Point Military Academy.

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NJSLA State Testing

Students at our 4-7 campus completed NJSLA state testing throughout the month of May. The NJSLA is a statewide assessment that evaluates students’ progress toward the NJ learning standards in

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