December PCSST Parent Bulletin

December 1 – 31 2023

Monthly Parent Newsletter for
PCSST K-12 Parents/Guardians

Issue 3

In this issue;
  • November Events and Activities
  • Important Reminders and December Events Calendar

  • December Athletic Events Calendar

  • Educational Websites and Resources for Parents

  • Tips for Parents,

  • FAQs for Parents,

  • Facts about PCSST

  • Facts about NJ Public Charter Schools

Message from the Lead Person​

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am delighted to present the third issue of our K-12 Parent/Guardian Bulletin, keeping you updated on November events and offering a glimpse of what’s ahead in December.

The month of November was bustling with diverse and engaging activities. On the next page, you will find links to each event and activity for your convenience. Allow me to highlight a couple of events involving parents. Firstly, our JROTC Raiders National Competition trip to Kentucky was a success. I extend my gratitude to our parent chaperones for dedicating their time, traveling, and assisting our instructors during the trip. Their dedication and collaborative efforts are truly commendable.

Throughout November, all campuses organized food and turkey drives, donating food to local shelters and providing turkeys, food bags, and gift cards to some of our PCSST families. I extend my thanks to all parents, staff, and students for their generous donations and the time they volunteered in sorting and distributing the food items. Additionally, our traditional pre-Thanksgiving Dinner was a great success, attracting many PCSST families from all campuses. Thanks to our 4-7 Campus staff for hosting this wonderful gathering.

In other exciting news, our school’s newly formed middle school flag football team clinched their first championship title among charter schools. Congratulations to the PCSST family, and a special thanks to
Coach Williams.

The Winter Athletic season has already kicked off this week, and you can find the schedule for the month of December on the athletic calendar page. Your support for our winter teams is greatly appreciated.

As previously announced in the previous issues and on our school websites, “The Lion’s Den Parent Academy” will be offering ESL courses for parents seeking to improve their English language skills. These courses aim to promote effective communication in everyday life, the workplace, and within the community. Registration is still open.

We are approaching the end of the first semester, and 2nd marking period progress report cards will be sent home on December 12, 2023. I strongly encourage all parents to take advantage of the report card nights and sign up for them, as they are scheduled in the upcoming days.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish our entire PCSST Family a peaceful holiday season filled with joy and happiness. May 2024 be a better year for everyone, embracing good health, happiness, and

Mr. Riza Gurcanli, Lead Person

"Parents are the most important advocates for their children's education."

Barack Obama

November Events and Activities

  • Lion’s Den Parent Academy: The GED preparation course is to help adults earn their high school equivalency diploma, opening doors to better career prospects and future educational opportunities.
  • Saturday Academy: 2-3, 4-7 and 8-12 Campuses continue to offer Saturday classes.
  • CCP Funplex Trip– CCP students enjoy their Funplex field trip.
  • 1st Scholar Breakfast at PCSST– We are so proud of all of our students who achieved Scholar status
    for the 1st Marking Period of the 2023-2024 Academic year.
  • Fed 101 Class Trip to Nokia Bell Labs– This special learning experience reinforced prior class lectures on robust design practices and product assurance testing as important parts of the engineering design process.
  • Turkey Drive – Thank you to the ladies of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, Rho Tau Zeta Chapter for
    your continued support by sponsoring our annual Turkey Drive.
  • Hispanic Flamenco Show Field Trip – Our students were able to enjoy the most innovative and genuine cultural experiences live on the stage of this fantastic Hispanic Flamenco Show.
  • PCSST Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner– The event was a huge success and was attended by K-12 grade students and their families.
  • Spelling Bee Parent Event– The annual PCSST Spelling Bee was held at the Wabash campus on Thursday, 11/16/23. This was the first spelling bee held as a parent event and it was a great success.
  • Hamilton on Broadway– After learning of our acceptance into Gilder Lehrman’s Eduham program, the USI and APUSH students worked for a few weeks to study documents from the founding fathers and
    create short performance pieces. Teachers and administration voted on the top pieces and the top 50 students were off to see the Hamilton show in NYC and experience a unique question and answer session with the cast.
  • Kean High School Leadership Conference– This year the students from the 8-12 campus were invited to the KEAN High School Leadership Conference.
  • Battle of the Classes– On the half day before Thanksgiving break we at the 8-12 campus planned a couple of fun activities for the students.
  • Thanksgiving at 8-12 Campus– This year the 8-12 campus ran a Thanksgiving fundraiser on November 14th and 15th.
  • Swag– At the end of each marking period we like to celebrate our scholars with our SWAG ceremony. Students were called up for honors, high honors and scholar awards.
  • Food Drive – Thank you and congratulations to the 2-3 campus for collecting and donating over 1,200 food drive items to CUMAC in Paterson, NJ.

Important Reminders & December Calendar


  • Monday, December 4th- Health, Wellness & Nutrition Information (4-7 Building)
  • Tuesday, December 5th- GED Preparation Classes(HS Building)
  • Monday, December 11th- Full Day Staff in Service (No Students)
  • Thursday, December 14th, Public Charter school Lobby Day (See last page of this newsletter for details)
  • Tuesday, December 12th- GED Preparation Classes (HS Building)
  • Tuesday, December 19th- GED Preparation Classes (HS Building)
  • Thursday, December 21st- Early Dismissal
  • Friday, December 22nd – Monday, January 1st- Winter Recess – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

K-1 Campus

  • Tuesday, December 5th- Winter Concert
  • Thursday, December 21st- Polar Express Day

2-3 Campus

  • Tuesday, December 5th- International Volunteer Day Sock and Glove Drive
  • Wednesday, December 6th- The 12 Days of PCSST Begins
  • Thursday, December 7th- Winter Concert
  • Tuesday, December 12th- Scholastic Book Fair Begins
  • Wednesday, December 13th- Early Dismissal- P/T Conferences
  • Monday, December 18th- Winter Wonderland/ Polar Express Week
  • Thursday, December 21st- Talent Show

4-7 Campus

  • Friday, December 1st- Friday, December 8th- Winter Book Fair at 4-7
  • Tuesday, December 12th- Parent – Teacher Conferences at 4-7

8-12 Campus

  • Wednesday, December 6th- Field Trip: Art Department goes to WPU Galleries
  • Thursday, December 7th- Winter Concert
  • Wednesday, December 13th- Mid-Marking Periods Conferences- 5:00- 7:00pm
  • Thursday, December 14th- Winter Sports Pep Rally; Field Trip: History Club Competition
  • Wednesday, December 20th- Field Trip- JROTC visits Veteran Hospitals

Athletics Department’s December Calendar

Holiday Season Tips for Parents

Here are some specific tips for navigating the Holiday season with your school-aged children:

Explain Holiday Traditions:

    • Take the time to explain the significance of Christmas traditions, whether they are cultural, religious, or family-specific. This can help your child understand the meaning behind the celebrations.

Incorporate Educational Activities:

    • Infuse educational elements into holiday activities. For example, involve your child in baking and explain the science behind it, or explore the history and cultural aspects of traditions.

Participate in Community Events:

    • Attend local community events, such as tree lighting ceremonies, parades, or charity drives. Involving your child in these activities can foster a sense of community and giving.

Teach Giving:

    • Emphasize the joy of giving by involving your child in charitable activities. This could include donating toys, volunteering at a local shelter, or participating in a community service project.

Create Crafts:

    • Engage your child in crafting activities related to Holidays. This not only enhances creativity but also provides an opportunity to discuss the cultural and historical aspects of different symbols and decorations.

Celebrate Diversity:

    • Since our school serves a diverse group of students, take the opportunity to celebrate and learn about various holiday traditions from different cultures. This can promote understanding and appreciation for diversity.

Manage Expectations about Gifts:

    • Discuss the importance of gratitude and managing expectations regarding gifts. Emphasize the joy of giving and spending time with loved ones rather than focusing solely on material presents.

Attend School Events:

    • If your school organizes holiday events, make sure to attend. These events can be a great way for families to come together, and your presence as the lead person of the school can enhance the sense of community.

Create Family Rituals:

    • Establish family rituals during the Holiday season, such as reading a special holiday story together, playing games, or having a designated family night. These rituals can create a sense of continuity and warmth.

Encourage Reflection:

    • Take time to reflect on the past year with your child. Discuss achievements, challenges, and the importance of growth. This can be a meaningful way to connect the holiday season with personal and academic development.

Remember to tailor these tips to the unique needs and preferences of your child and the diverse community you live in.

Follow our Social Media accounts to stay informed events and activities as they happen.

FAQs for Parents

Student Database System:

  • How can I access my child(ren)’s assessment results, grades and attendance as well as discipline
    records 24/7?
    Yes, if you log on the Genesis Student Database, all the information is on your finger tips.
  • I don’t know how to access the Genesis Database. What should I do?
    You can reach out to school secretary or any of the admins and request your username and
  • I do not know how to navigate the database, Where can I receive help?
    Please watch the online training video or check out the manual.
  • What do you need to do if you want to update your child’s information on the database?
    Reach out to you campus Secretary and provide the updated information and necessary documents
    if asked.


  • How can I get information on School Transportation?
    Please visit our transportation webpage to learn all about transportation at PCSST.

Food Service:

  • How can I check school’s daily breakfast and lunch menu?
    All our campus lunch information can be reached for our Food Service provider Maschio’s website.

Anonymous Reporting:

  • How can I report an incident anonymously?
    You can report any incident that is a concerning you but you do not want to be identified, you can use our school’s “STOPit” platform to report and get rapid respond from a school administrator.

K-1 Campus

2-3 Campus

4-7 Campus

8-12 Campus

Facts about NJ Charter Schools

For more facts about NJ Charter Schools visit NJCharters.org

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STEAM Festival

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