Celebrating Black History Month

In February, the 8-12 campus celebrated Black History Month in different ways. Throughout the month the History Club presented slides on Black Historians during morning assembly. Educating the scholars on people’s history in Paterson and around the country. During the second week of February, we had tag days for the staff and students. Each day was a different color that represented the African Flag! 

During the last two weeks of February, we had a wonderful activity brought together by the Guidance Department. They organized an advisory activity for homerooms to select a Black Leader or Artist for the students to research. They then decorated their homeroom’s bulletin board outside their classrooms with facts about that person. Throughout the last week of February, the homerooms were assigned a day to do a walk-through to educate their scholars on the different leaders and artists throughout history. It was a great activity. 

Spring Book Fair

PCSST 4-7 campus library will host a Spring Book Fair from 4/19 to 4/26. All information can be found in one link, our school bookfair homepage: https://www.scholastic.com/bf/pcsst4-7bookfairSpring2024

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Seton Hall University Visit

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide enriching experiences for our students, Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology sponsored a field trip to Seton Hall University for selected

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Middle School Science Fair

This past Saturday, the science department at 4-7 Wabash campus held a Science Fair. The event was a fantastic opportunity for our scholars to showcase their scientific expertise, and there

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4-7 Grade NJSLA Parent Workshop

On April 15th, Wabash Campus hosted a workshop for parents of students in grades 4-7. The workshop, titled “NJSLA Parent Workshop”, provided parents with information on how to help their

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