Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

On Friday October 13th, 2023 PCSST’s 2-3 campus had its 2nd annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk. Students came ready to walk and support the cause with their pink attire and decorated posters and signs. Here at the 2-3 campus we educate students on important health topics such as Breast Cancer so that they have a better understanding of why it is acknowledged for the month of October. It also gives students a safe space to ask questions and talk about their experiences with family members affected by cancer. 


This year we started a new course called Trendsetters. It is a leadership course that is the final tier of a leadership program we are piloting. The courses run from

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Parent Literacy Night at 4-7 Campus

On November 30th, the 4-7 Campus hosted our first-ever R.O.A.R Night. At this event, parents learned more about our R.O.A.R. program and were presented with information from our administrative team and

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Battle of the Classes

On the half day before Thanksgiving break we at the 8-12 campus planned a couple of fun activities for the students. During their P.E classes the Marines came to visit

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At the end of each marking period we like to celebrate our scholars with our SWAG ceremony. This marking period we celebrated on Thursday November 9th during the P.E classes.

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