Boys Soccer Senior Night

This year we had three amazing captains that really were the heart and soul of the soccer team. All three seniors Carlos Santiago, Saad Mehdoun and Justin Jones have been captains for the last two years. Justin and Saad were the spin of the defense and really helped their teammates. Carlos holds the record for most goals scored in a season and overall in 4 years. The three of them have such a passion for soccer and will be truly missed. Good luck in the years to come!!

Ixl Math Wizards Challenge

We organize this contest every month to encourage the students to study and practise more on IXL Math skills. The contest is about to how many more IXL Math skills

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Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day! Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th because the date (3/14) matches the beginning of the decimal expansion: 3.14159… this is the most famous mathematical constant! It

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SEL Week Celebration in the Cafeteria

PCSST at Wabash had an amazing SEL Day Celebration.  We celebrated the importance of Social Emotional learning by emphasizing important and easy strategies to help our students thrive emotionally and

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CCP Bowling Night

On Wednesday 3/15 College Coaching Program students and families will be heading to Parkway Lanes for a fun night of bowling, pizza and laughs. It should be an amazing time.

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