5h Grade Geography Bee Results

The event went extremely well and the students showed some real competitive spirit as we got going. It was great to see some of the teams’ strategies to answer certain questions and how they could work together. 

The results were very, very close and everyone did amazing. Out of 120 very difficult geography questions only about 2 went incorrect overall. Students named about 50 different world flags from various continents, located dozens of countries on a map, and even showed off some of their geography trivia knowledge.

At the end of the day though, there can only be one winner. Congratulations to the winning homeroom, Ms. Diaz and Ms. Kalebek, with their representatives being Christopher Centeno and Genesis Navarro Vargas! 

Other finalists were: Olimpia Calixto, Jordany Veloz, Willy Vasquez, Christian Bueno Orozco, Derek Geronimo, Gabriella Fuerte, Doranna Wauchope, Jeremiah Kennedy, Bryan Chavez, and Eddie Pelcastre.


This year we started a new course called Trendsetters. It is a leadership course that is the final tier of a leadership program we are piloting. The courses run from

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Parent Literacy Night at 4-7 Campus

On November 30th, the 4-7 Campus hosted our first-ever R.O.A.R Night. At this event, parents learned more about our R.O.A.R. program and were presented with information from our administrative team and

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Battle of the Classes

On the half day before Thanksgiving break we at the 8-12 campus planned a couple of fun activities for the students. During their P.E classes the Marines came to visit

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At the end of each marking period we like to celebrate our scholars with our SWAG ceremony. This marking period we celebrated on Thursday November 9th during the P.E classes.

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