3rd Grade Field Day

Monday the 13th of June was the first field day for second graders at 2-3 PCSST.

Students enjoyed multiple competitive games such as, egg on spoon relay race as well as scooter race. In addition, there was potato sack race and tug of war. At the end of the day 2WP were the winners. The highlight of 2WP’s performance was egg on spoon race due to their steady pace.

On Tuesday the 14th third graders got their field day where they showed athleticism, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Students were delighted to have a beautiful sunny day. They were on the school parking lot competing in shooting games such as, basketball toss and corn hole toss. After evaluating the score sheets 3R were the winners. Their best performance was in the gymnasium during a spectacular relay scooter race. Overall, on Wednesday 2WP and 3R got to compete for first place. They only went through one relay race of egg on spoon. 3R were the lucky winners by a very slight margin. The two classes ended it by saying “good game” and shaking hands. 

Spring Book Fair

PCSST 4-7 campus library will host a Spring Book Fair from 4/19 to 4/26. All information can be found in one link, our school bookfair homepage: https://www.scholastic.com/bf/pcsst4-7bookfairSpring2024

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Seton Hall University Visit

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide enriching experiences for our students, Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology sponsored a field trip to Seton Hall University for selected

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Middle School Science Fair

This past Saturday, the science department at 4-7 Wabash campus held a Science Fair. The event was a fantastic opportunity for our scholars to showcase their scientific expertise, and there

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4-7 Grade NJSLA Parent Workshop

On April 15th, Wabash Campus hosted a workshop for parents of students in grades 4-7. The workshop, titled “NJSLA Parent Workshop”, provided parents with information on how to help their

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