Middle School Science

Middle School Science 2017-2018

Ms. Geyer  (Rm 306)


(973)247-0600 ext. 1306

Course Overview: We will begin our journey through 7th grade Science with the study of the Properties of Matter and their relationship to living systems. Then we will study the Forms of Energy, Organization and Development, Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration, Genetics, and Ecology.

In 8th grade we will cover the basic fundamentals of physical science, chemistry, physics and earth science. Topics include the Changes in Matter, Energy Transfer and Conservation, Forces in Motion, Matter and Energy Transformations, Objects in the Universe, History of Earth, Biogeochemical Cycles.

Materials: Each student must have the following items with them EVERYDAY


-Positive attitude           

Grading Policy

PCSST will once again be using standards based grading, however several changes have been made to the grading policy and they are explained in detail below. Standards based grading seeks to provide grades that are consistent, accurate, meaningful, and most of all that support learning. Two types of assessments are used to support learning. Formative assessments are used for student learning to provide feedback and time for improvement. Summative assessments are assessments of learning, used to show student achievement. Standards based grading links both assessment types to individual learning standards that are evaluated based on quality.

Types of Assessment:


Formative Assessment

Summative Assessment


Homework, Classwork, Checks for understanding, Do Nows

Tests, Labs, Projects, other Performance Assessments

Purpose for Student

Happens during learning to give student feedback on their progress towards proficiency at a particular standard.

Happens at the end of learning to gauge students’ achievement of a skill.


Formative assessments will receive a 4, 3, 2, 1, or 0. Formative assessments will be factored into your Academic Success grade which will count for 15% of your overall grade.  The academic success grade will be based on Classwork, Character, Active Learning, and Homework.  Every 2 weeks, this grade will be updated in the SIS gradebook.

Summative assessments will encompass multiple standards, and each will receive a 4, 3, 2, 1, or 0. Only marks received on summative assessments will be used to calculate the student’s grade.

Grading Scale:

4: Outstanding demonstration of skills & knowledge Above and Beyond expectations.  Makes connections beyond instruction.

3: Performs all the skills and knowledge expected but is not extending beyond what was taught.

2: Performs the basic skills and demonstrates the basic knowledge of the content.

1: Performs the basics but only with scaffolding or assistance.

0: Cannot perform the basics even with scaffolds or assistance, or does not attempt to perform the tasks.


  • Retakes in the science department will only be permitted on tests after students submit a revision plan that includes the completion of all formatives and at least one reteaching session
  • Revisions will be permitted on lab reports that are turned in prior to the due date
  • Final submissions of lab reports, science fair projects and unit tests will not be eligible for retakes
  • Time limit for retakes/revisions:
    • If all formatives leading up to the summative assessment are submitted on time, students will have 2 weeks to complete their revision plan and retake the assignment
    • If formatives leading up to the summative assessment were not completed on time or the work on the summative assignment is insufficient (not enough effort shown), students will have only 1 week to complete their revision plan and retake/resubmit the assignment

Classroom Expectations: While in our Science Classroom, it is expected that you follow the rules and regulations PCSST has put forth. Additionally, I expect:

  1. Always be respectful of everyone and everything
  2. Pay attention and Follow all directions
  3. Come to class each day prepared with proper technology and materials
  4. Try your best each day!

Disciplinary Action: When you choose not to follow these rules, to talk excessively at inappropriate times, or to not put forth a positive effort in class, one or more of the following will happen:

1st offense: Warning

2nd offense: Discipline points

3rd offense: Parental contact

4th offense: Disciplinary referral