My name is Mr. Smith and this is my 5th year teaching Physical Education and Health at PCSST. Currently, I am teaching all of 3rd and 5th grade, as well as one 6th grade section (6C). Throughout the year, I will update this web page to inform you of important activities and assessments the students will be participating in such as fitness tests, health tests, projects, field day, etc. I will also update this page to inform you when our department plans activities for parents and any other time an important issue arises.
Upcoming Activities for students:
4th Marking Period Units
3rd Grade has begun learning about medicines. We will be learning about the differences between over-the-counter and prescription medicines, as well as how to read medicine labels.
5th Grade has begun a unit that discusses the dangers of Tobacco and Alcohol. This unit will inform students about these harmful substances and explain the negative health consequences related to their use.
6th Grade will be starting a unit about Puberty. This unit will focus on changes that occur in boys and girls at this stage of life, and aims to help the students become more comfortable as the progress through this (sometimes confusing) stage of life.