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Welcome to Language Arts Class!


In fifth and sixth grade, Language Arts is divided into  four sections: Grammar, Reading, Writing and Vocabulary. In grammar we will focus on sentence structures, parts of speech and punctuation.  In writing, we will focus on, writing meaningful and concise short responses using grammar and language rules. Students will be expected to use Standard English (grammar, usage, syntax, spelling, and writing conventions) in all written work. In reading, we will continue to work on student progress in comprehension and analytical reading skills through a variety of authors and genre. Students will be reading for both enjoyment (Accelerated Reader) and reading for analysis during guided and independent reading. Students will learn how successful readers think when they read, interact with, and examine text. We will explore language and literature through a variety of approaches including film, presentations, projects, written assignments, etc. All daily and weekly assignments will be posted in the classroom and on the Pcsst website. (


As an extension of my Language Arts class, students will have the option to complete a Weekly Reading Log Handout. The handout must be completed for each day of the week and have a parents signature next to each day that the student has read. A completed Reading Log will allow the student to earn positive (Merit) points in the school database. I encourage all students to participate in the Weekly Reading Log! Weekly Reading Logs can be found in the Reading Log bin located in the back of the classroom.



All students are required to reach an Accelerated Reader Points Goal each marking period by reading books during DEAR Time and taking an AR Quiz on each book read. I have included an information sheet attached to this syllabus that explains in detail the DEAR Time and Accelerated Reader Program. You will receive this information sheet at the beginning of each new marking period updating you on your childs most recent STAR Test results and new AR Points Goal.


MaterialsBring Them Every Day!

  • Language Arts notebook or (2 3-ring binder)
  • Folder
  • Pencils (sharpened before class begins)
  • Black or blue pens only
  • Yellow highlighter
  • All required books and assignments (Handouts, Reference Sheets, Etc.)
  • PCSST planner
  • Marble notebook journal (To record weekly spelling words and complete spelling homework A MUST!)
  • ACCORIDAN FOLDER labeled one pocket for each subject (highly recommended to keep all subjects handouts organized)

You will do well in this class only if you succeed in the following:

  • Doing allassigned work with sincere effort
  • Turning work in on time andconsistently
  • Coming to class prepared and on time
  • Submitting all missed work due to absences within the required time frame (number of days absent, plus one day) students will receive full credit
  • Behaving appropriately during class

Making the Grade:

If you think of school as a job, you get paid in grades. In Language Arts class, you earn a particular grade through points. You can also get demoted (lose points) for incomplete work, missing assignments, etc.

All requirements will be spelled out for each and every

assignment/project we do, so you will know at

all times how you are doing.

I do not give grades; you earn them!

DO NOT ask for extra credit if the regular credit has not been completed!









As a 5th grader, you've had many years of practice being a respectful and responsible student. You are expected to be a decent person and do your best in school. It all comes down to CHOICES. If you choose to be inappropriate:

       Step 1:     Verbal warning   

 Step 2:     Parent phone conference

 Step 3:     Referral (submitted to the school dean)

Please note, I reserve the option to go directly to Step 3 for verbal or physical harassment or something equally as hurtful, dangerous, or inconsiderate.


Helpful Hints for a Successful Year:

  • Write allassignments in your planner at the beginning of the period.
  • Consult your planner at home and complete assigned work.
  • Complete assignments promptly. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Your grade is a reflection of meeting the stated objectives of this class.
  • Remember to put your first and last names on your work. A paper without a name will earn a deduction of 5 points offif claimed.
  • Organize returned papers in the proper section of your binder/folder.
  • SAVE ALL YOUR PAPERS UNTIL YOU GET YOUR FINAL REPORT CARD! They are the only evidence you have in case the teacher makes an error.
  • Do your very best work.
  • If you have any questions or find you are struggling with a concept and/or assignment, consult the teacher for support.
Please feel free to visit our class's Scholastic Reading Club page where you can use my class code to purchase books for your child and have them shipped directly to your home!