Welcome to Ms. Amato's Class! 1D

         Welcome Parents and Families to our class homepage! My name is Ms. Amato. I have been proudly teaching first grade here at PCSST for 7 years. I graduated from William Paterson University with an Early Childhood Education degree, Elementary Education degree, and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. 
         My favorite thing about teaching first grade is the children! They come in so eager to learn and happy to please. First grade is such an exciting time because the children learn how to read! You see them in the beginning of the school year trying so hard to sound out words or just looking at the pictures. By the middle of the school year, they can read for a whole 20 minutes straight and point out sight words they know. It is the best feeling in the world when each child is sitting in their seat with a book in hand, silent as a mouse, smile on their faces, completely absorbed in a book.
       In addition to teaching English Language Arts, I also teach Math, Science, Social Studies, and Computers. In first grade the students learn how to become independent, which is so important for their development. Please encourage your children's independence! Let them pack up their backpacks and homework the night before school so they come in ready! I look forward to working collaboratively with you, your family, and your children. 

PCSST's Mission Statement:

To provide a responsive educational model that will empower all students, through a standards-equity based academic program founded on expectations for high achievement that will graduate literate, responsible, self-directed persons who have the core knowledge and skills needed to be successful, contributing members of society.

School Motto:

We are here to learn and be good citizens!