Welcome to 3A with Mrs. Allstaedt!


Even though this school year is flying by and we are already more than halfway through, we still have a lot ahead of us. Knowing those multiplication facts is a must, so if you still have trouble remembering them make sure you’re studying each night. This is both to get you ready for PARCC, but also for 4th grade and what’s to come. Because of this we will be moving at a fast pace in order to cover what needs to be covered for the remainder of the year.


Below you will find a list of some of the websites that we use in 3rd grade and are good for extra practice at home. If your child doesn’t remember the class code or his/her login information for a particular website, please email me.


Please see our 3rd Grade intro page for upcoming events, school calendar, and other announcements.


LA (as well as Science, Social Studies, etc.)

Raz Kids (can be used for science and other cross-curricular topics)






I Know It

Splash Math

Pearson Realize



Accelerated Reader & Accelerated Math 2.0

PARCC Practice Tests