Ms. Coyle

My name is Ms. Coyle 
 I am one of the art teachers here at PCSST. This academic year will be my 4th year teaching as well as my 4th year here with our staff and students. I graduated from Montclair State University with a degree in Art Education with a concentration in Photography. I am very active in our community as I am the :
7th and 8th Grade Chair
Coordinator of CCP
Coordinator of Heroes and Cool kids
8th Grade Advisor
On top of the activities and clubs I work with here I also enjoy rock climbing, hiking, singing karaoke and traveling. I love sharing my life experiences with my students because I believe it creates a bigger and closer bond. The more they know about me, the more willing they are to open up. 
I teach both the middle school and high school students. Some of the courses I teach include:
* 7th Grade Art
* 8th Grade Art
* Digital Photography 1&2
* Fine Arts 1&2
* Fashion1
* Photoshop 1&2
Many people become teachers for different reasons. Some have a passion or a drive for helping others, where some are just born to lead. I became a teacher for multiple different reasons:
* In my life I had a teacher that always pushed me to be the best version of myself. I owe that man a lot and helping me find my calling.
* I want to be the same for my students, I want them to feel that they always have someone that believes in them and will push them to the very best person they can be. 
* Growing up I always loved to mentor and help others. Teaching allows me to channel both of those talents and provide students with successful life skills. 
"See, it's not enough to leave school and just desire to succeed in this cold, cruel world, Because then you simply become a part of it. You must also have the desire to change it. And to change it, you'll need your fine mind and a good heart." - Mr. Feeny