The Art - Music - Tech Department strives for the highest possible standards of success for our
diverse disciplines, promoting critical and creative thinking, effective communication,
problem solving, and work ethic, while maintaining a safe, engaging environment for our
students. We aim to provide an open and receptive program using current state and
national standards in tandem with other disciplines for the purpose of fostering and
cultivating a life-long love of the arts.
Vision Statement:
The Art - Music - Tech Department at PCSST enhances the life, imagination, and education of our
students on a daily basis. We embrace a culture of creativity with our students who
excel in the fields of Art and Design, Music, and Technology. Our program strives to
teach creative and critical thinking alongside a cross curricular based education. The
Arts Department seeks to inspire creative minds through interactive, proactive, learning
inside and out of the classroom. By utilizing creativity to widen their perspective on the
world, students will develop skills needed for college and career success and
demonstrate their character and value for all the arts.
Tips for Success:
- Be open to trying new things: while learning new skills and techniques may feel new
and different at first, they will develop into items that become second-nature.
- Think outside the box! Think differently and bring a unique perspective into the
classroom each day.
- Be patient: give yourself credit for being bold for learning something and time to let the
learning into your brain.