Social Studies Department

The More You Know About the Past, the Better Prepared You Are for the Future.

~ Theodore Roosevelt

PCSST students are required to complete a sequence of courses in Social Studies which will enable them to be productive, contributing members of society.  Students will explore history and key events that have shaped our nation and the world, as well as geography, economics, government and culture. Building on a foundation of democratic values and civic responsibilities, our goal is to prepare students to make informed decisions in an increasingly interdependent, global world.  Core courses will leverage interdisciplinary lesson plans and be supplemented by a rich program of elective courses. Students will develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving, research, and communication.  All courses will strive to enhance reading comprehension and writing skills. The department also offers AP World History, AP United States History, and AP Psychology.


AP US History students held a Voters Registration Drive to encourage our Juniors and Seniors to register to vote so that their voice and participation will be heard on Election Day!