Call Out Procedures

Call-out Procedures

Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

-For Professional Development /Personal Day/Bereavement/Jury/Vacation/Other:

- Please submit a hard copy of the Leave-Absence Request and Authorization Form.

-For emergency call outs/sick

- Please inform me by 6:00am (preferably by 9:00 pm the day before) via, SMS or e-mail. (NO phone call please)

- Phone number: 862-262-7510,

- e-mail:

-Running late; send a text message to 862-262-7510


Do not create your absence on  SOURCE4TEACHERS, I will do it for you.


Please do not forget to place your Sub Plans on Google Classroom or copied paperwork for the sub teacher. Do not ask me for making copies please!

-If you need to leave early during the day; See me or any other administrator and send an e-mail to

Please be advised that all early leaves before dismissal time will count as a ½ day absence