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PCSST Athletics Philosophy

Athletic Philosophy and Participation Expectations


Our goals for the athletic program are to provide a rewarding experience for the students, give them an opportunity to represent their school and community in a positive way, create an environment that contributes to a growth in school spirit, and develop the self-esteem and athletic skills of all student-athletes in the program. If your child is interested in participating, your support and encouragement are important and vital to your child’s success. In return, we plan to provide a quality athletic program of which the students, parents, community, and PCSST staff can be proud. 

  • POSITIVITY Fully assured – Confident!
  • REPRESENT To serve as a symbol of Character!     
  • NTELLIGENT Revealing good judgement!                 
  • DEDICATED Devoted to a cause – Zealous!
  • ENCOURAGE To encourage with courage, spirit and hope!

 PCSST believes individual students will benefit physically and intellectually through competitive interscholastic sports activities. Any person who wishes may try out for any sports team. They must complete all required forms, including a medical history form, which can be obtained from the coach of the sport the student wishes to join or from the Athletic Department page on the PCSST website. All completed forms must be returned to the Athletic Office. Students must take and pass a Sports Physical administered by their family physician. The Sports Physical is good for 1 calendar year. Students are required to also complete several forms and permission slips, all of which are available to download from the Athletics Tab on the PCSST Website. 

Students are required to attend daily practices or competitions throughout the sports season. Beginning in September 2013, PCSST became a member of the NJSIAA and offers varsity level sports in:  

Information regarding PCSST team schedules, directions, etc. can be located on http://njicathletics.org/ 

  •  Girls & Boys Soccer 
  •  Girls & Boys Cross Country 
  •  Girls & Boys Volleyball
  • Co-Ed Bowling
  •   Girls & Boys Basketball
  •   Softball
  •   Baseball
  •   Cheerleading PCSST  

has been accepted into the NJIC, and began competing as a conference member during the 2014-2015 school year. If a sport is NOT OFFERED by PCSST students may opt to play that sport at their district school ( Kennedy or Eastside)  only. If PCSST offers the sport, the student must play for PCSST. For students who wish to pursue collegiate athletic scholarships, it is the student’s responsibility to register for NCAA eligibility (which includes attainment of all required signatures). Students must meet NJSIAA eligibility standards, maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and must have no failing grades. In addition, Students must not exceed 100 discipline points and/ or 3 days out-of-school suspension (annually) in order to participate in athletics at PCSST. If these requirements are not met, their status will be determined by Administration. The purpose of secondary school athletics is both educational and recreational. Major emphasis is to provide a valuable learning experience for the participant. Emphasis is placed on self-discipline and emotional maturity gained through respect for established rules and authority, and consideration of the rights of others.

Athletic Director: Gina Vintalore       


973-247-0600 x 1242

PCSST is an equal opportunity provider.