September 25th – 29th is National Farm to School Week. During this time schools across the US educate their students on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle by eating more fruits and vegetables. Students are also introduced to new fruits and vegetables that may not have had the opportunity to try at home. This week wide celebration is provided by the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program (FFVP) which is a grant given to schools from the NJ Department of Agriculture. On Tuesday September 26th, and Wednesday 27th, the 2-3 campus¬†joined the fun and hosted a free “2-3 Farmers Market” for students. At the end of the school day students were able to visit our farmers market and hand pick fresh vegetables from local farms in NJ. We even included some delicious cherry tomatoes picked from our 2-3 garden. To continue the fun at home, some teachers gave their students extra credit if they used their vegetables to make a meal with their families. This was a special day at the 2-3 campus. We look forward to having more events to introduce our students to new vegetables and exotic fruits.¬†