The 2nd annual 2-3 Spelling Bee was a huge success. Each student in the 2-3 campus participated in the 1st round of the Spelling Bee by competing with all of the students in their class for one of the top 2 spots. After we had the top 2 best spellers in each classroom, those students were promoted to the 2nd and final round of the Spelling Bee. We had 12 2nd graders and 12 3rd graders compete for the top Speller in the 2-3 Campus. 

On April 6th, all 24 students competed against each other spelling one word at a time for a total of 4 rounds. We had one 2nd-grade winner, Xavier Rosado, and one 3rd-grade and overall winner, Ariel Cauthen.

Congratulations to all our students who participated and a huge congratulations to our winners Xavier and Ariel. Ariel was also the 2nd-grade winner of last year’s 1st annual Spelling Bee. 

Keep up the great work! Keep spelling and keep learning!