Guidance Department

Counselors, in their unique position as student guides and advisors, play a critical role in the PCSST vision.  The high level of service and commitment displayed by our counselors enables our students to experience measurable academic, social, and emotional growth, and to enjoy being a part of our school-community.
To best serve the needs of our students, Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology Counseling Department operates in the structure of a Grade Level System.  Our team of grade level counselors work with students based on their current academic position.  Because of this, counselors are well versed in the unique and specific set of needs that each grade presents.

In addition to grade level counselors, PCSST Counseling Services Department also provides specialized counseling services in two critical areas:
•    The Student Assistance Counselor works to provide confidential counseling and intervention, as well as social and emotional services and support to students in the areas of addictions, mental health and overall personal wellness.
•    The College and Career Center is staffed by PCSST student alumni who works with grade level counselors, as well as directly with students, to provide an expert, professional approach to the college research, selection, and admissions process.

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Ms. StephensonGuidance Counselor
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Guidance Counselor

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