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15. High School Recognition and Reward Program.

In order to create and promote school-wide college going culture in PCSST and recognize college ready students, the PCSST school counselors have implemented several incentives. For example, student college acceptances and scholarships awards are presented at (1) Wall of Honor, (2) School Web-Site, (3) Graduation Ceremony, (4) School-wide Assemblies, and (5) Guidance Office. Furthermore, students who receive a college acceptance are allowed to wear their college t-shirts during certain school days.  Moreover, to encourage and recognize college and career ready students, each year during the graduation ceremony, one student gets the most college and career ready award.
Aligned with these awards in order to support students’ college application and to increase their college knowledge, PCSST organizes PCSST College Spirit days. Every Thursday during the May, school counselors encourage teachers wear their alma mater shirts/sweatshirts that represent the college they attended and or graduated from. This gets the students to talk to their teachers about college and hopefully get them interested in learning more about different colleges. It is also a great way for teachers to show students that they are proud of attending their college and graduating with a degree. Teachers are also encouraged to share their college experience with each class. In week one, teachers are asked to give brief information about their college (Size, Location, Activities, Admission Requirements, etc.). In week two, all teachers are encouraged to talk about their college preparation, search and college application experiences. In week three, they talk about their college, major and career decision process. In week four, they share their personal experience about how did they paid for their college tuition and other expenses. In the final week of the college spirit days, teachers share their specific recommendations to stay, achieve, and graduate from college and what works in college success.
Finally, PCSST school counseling department initiated the “GOTCHA” Doing Good Positive Reward Program to reward students who demonstrate positive behavior and/or good character on a daily basis as well as those students who need to improve their behavior. In order to implement this program, teachers and staff members are provided a “GOTCHA” Doing Good ticket book. All staff and faculty are encouraged to give out these tickets to students daily, as often as they observe positive actions, kind words, or positive character traits.  These tickets are given out by teacher/ staff member discretion. Examples: Caught you being respectful, caught you showing kindness, caught you following directions, or caught you doing your classwork. In general, teachers have the freedom to decide what he/she feels is positive behavior on an individualized basis. Teachers attempt to reward progress not perfection.  This means that they will attempt to observe each student exhibiting positive change instead of rewarding the same students multiple times. 
Teacher fill out the front of the “GOTCHA” Doing Good Ticket with:  the name of student, grade and section, and on the back of the ticket, they are asked to write the positive behavior they observed. Then, they give the ticket to the student for them to place their earned ticket into the “GOTCHA” box, located in the Guidance Office.  Each Friday afternoon, two tickets/ winners per grade are selected.  Picture of winners are taken and displayed along with name on slide in the Monday morning assembly and is also posted on the Guidance bulletin board. Furthermore, every Monday during the morning assembly the winners of the weekly prize will be announced. Weekly small prizes: Student earns a Free Tag Day and the opportunity to pick one of the following prizes: fast pass to head of lunch line, lunch with Mr. Riza or school counselor, homework pass, pass to organize locker, teacher helper, or small school supplies. Overall, the program was helpful to reward the students’ good behavior.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the PCSST School
Counseling Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 973-247-0600.

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